Weber Shandwick publishes Innovation Trends Report

Weber Shandwick’s Social Impact practice continues to examine trends shaping how people and organisations affect  social change; introducing its new Conscious Crowdsourcing report.

The Conscious Crowdsourcing report also explores recent social movements, from the Arab Spring to the global Women’s March and offers views on the opportunity to channel the “passion, ideas and actions of mobilised global citizens into organized, efficient and transparent multi-sector efforts that advance social progress.”

This fourth report in the five-part Innovation Trends Report series, Conscious Crowdsourcing illuminates how organisations can strategically engage, equip and empower change-makers, researchers, policymakers and global citizens on particular issues.

The report to raise awareness of and provide solutions to issues from climate change, poverty and global health. In addition to analysis and insights, the report provides a roadmap and action plan to guide Conscious Crowdsourcing efforts.

The team created the Innovation Trends Report resource to build awareness and fuel dialogue around the fast growing Solution Economy – multi-disciplinary and collaborative efforts by companies, foundations, nonprofits, governments and individuals to solve complex social problems.

The final report in the series will explore the topic of Inclusive Global Economies and what it will take to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and ensure a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future for people and the planet.

Click here to view the full report.