Vriens and Partners set sights on Myanmar reform with new office

Regional government affairs and political risk consultancy Vriens & Partners has announced the formal opening of an office in Yangon in Myanmar.

The representative office will be staffed by Romain Caillaud, who joins as director, and Nyantha Maw Lin, who becomes an associate.

The office opens as Myanmar undergoes remarkable political and economic change which is stoking renewed interest by global MNCs.

Despite the current embargoes and trade sanctions against the country, a series of announcements from the Myanmar’s leadership suggest that greater engagement by the West is likely over coming months.

The Vriens & Partners office will examine how Western MNCs can position their business in relation to Myanmar during this period of economic and political reform.

Caillaud has lived and worked in Yangon for the last five years. In that time he has worked at both the French Embassy as well developing and executing projects for Myanmar’s leading market research and business insight consultancy, advising numerous major investors.

Before relocating to Myanmar, he held a variety of policy research and advisory positions in France and Southeast Asia, including acting as a parliamentary assistant to the Centrist Group within the French Senate and providing comprehensive policy analysis for the Cambodian Ministry of Justice and French Ministry of Defense.

Caillaud holds a MA in International Relations from the Paris Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po) and has studied at the University of Pennsylvania, USA and Waseda University, Japan. He has also studied Myanmar language at the Yangon University of Foreign Languages and is fluent in Burmese.

Nyantha Maw Lin is a Western-educated Myanmar national with both private and non-governmental sector experience. Prior to joining V&P, Nyantha worked at a social business specialising in the development of the agriculture sector, where he devised strategies for the marketing and delivery of products and services to rural consumers, managed R&D for agricultural financial services, and handled external relations and high-level delegations of foreign officials, donors and scholars.

Nyantha has also provided research services on Myanmar for retail corporations and Western NGOs. He holds a BA in political science and international relations from Carleton College in the USA.

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