US chambers of commerce in Asia Pacific honour Clinton

The Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC) has presented US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with an award honoring the outstanding contributions she and the Department of State have had in promoting US business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Steven Okun, chairman of APCAC, said: “The APCAC membership recognizes and appreciates the US government’s renewed focus on Asia, and Secretary Clinton’s leadership on economic statecraft.  We also appreciate the time the Secretary spent with many AmCham representatives earlier this year at the Global Business Conference hosted at the State Department. APCAC is honored to work in partnership with the Secretary, her team in Asia, and the key members of the executive branch in showing that strengthening U.S. business in Asia spurs job creation in the United States.”

“In addition, we are grateful for the time you spend with AmCham members when you travel abroad, such as in this visit and addressing more than 300 attendees with AmCham Vietnam,” added Mr. Okun.

During its Washington door knock in June, APCAC also recognised the bipartisan support for growing US business in Asia by presenting its Congressional award to Representative Dave Camp.

Tom Clark, APCAC vice chairman for Washington Relations, APEC and TPP, said: “Through the passage by the Congress and signing into law of the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement, the launching of the Transpacific Partnership talks, engagement with Myanmar, and other initiatives to strengthen U.S. business in Asia and spur job creation in the United States, 2011 was a banner year for the US business community in Asia.”

The APCAC membership manages trade volumes in excess of US$ 400 billion and direct investments (FDI) of nearly US$ 300 billion in the Asia-Pacific region. Each June, APCAC brings representatives of American business in Asia to Washington for a “door knock” where we advocate our key issues to lawmakers and opinion makers.  APCAC represents 21 AmChams throughout the region.

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