Singapore’s WATATAWA strikes Japanese affiliate deal

Hakuhodo Consulting and Singapore-based WATATAWA Consulting have established a strategic alliance to offer marketing strategy and services to clients in Japan and key Asian markets.

Hakuhodo Consulting Asia Pacific in Singapore will work as a
main collaborator of this alliance.WATATAWA currently works with clients in financial services, telecommunications, agricultural commodities, and the resources
and technology sectors in several Asian markets.

Hakuhodo Consulting Asia Pacific Managing Director, Yoshihiro
Yoshida, said: “Japanese companies increasingly understand that they need to adjust
their approach to the Asian market and to reinforce their marketing leadership for
positioning themselves in Asian markets.Another challenge is hiring and maintaining a stable local workforce
in different countries.Strengthening brand value and raising loyalty among employees
is critical in this regard.”

He added: “Foreign businesses in Japan will also benefit from this alliance
which marries our deep knowledge of the Japanese market with the highly-­-informed
international perspective and experience of WATATAWA.”

Commenting on the partnership WATATAWA CEO, Bill Rylance, said: “Many Japanese companies have
achieved extraordinary global success by focusing primarily on the technical excellence
of their products and services and that will always be at the core of any successful
Japanese business.However, there is a growing recognition that this traditional
strength must be complemented by a strategic approach to achieving emotional resonance
and relevance in key markets” 

The alliance will initially focus on collaborative services to Japanese
and international companies.

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