Ruder Finn appoints Mike Bruhn as new arts lead

Ruder Finn has hired arts expert Mike Bruhn to head its arts and culture practice in China and across Asia.

Bruhn will be repsonsible for expanding the practice in China and across the region by creating strong bonds between arts and cultural icons with brands and companies.

He will be working with cultural entities such as museums, theatres, auction houses and cultural ministries.

Based in Shanghai, Bruhn will report to Elan Shou, senior vice president and managing director of Ruder Finn China, as well as working closely with Ruder Finn New York.

Jean-Michel Dumont, chairman of Ruder Finn Asia, said: “Arts and Culture have the power to resonate very strongly with individuals, and therefore the power to create strong bonds between brands, companies or even countries and their various stakeholders. Ruder Finn has a strong understanding and perspective of this unique world with access to leaders in the field, and Mike will certainly complement our offering. I am delighted to be working with such a professional.” 

Bruhn added: “Arts and Culture has always been a passion for me and it’s great to see that it has become such an important communications platform in China and Asia. I look forward to building up this practice for Ruder Finn, linking brands to the right cultural platform and people.”

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