PublicAffairsAsia and Prospect publish 2013 Salary Survey

PublicAffairsAsia and Prospect, in conjunction with our research
partner The Research Pacific Group, have published the 2013 Salary

This second annual report is an innovative snapshot and
briefing on the pay, bonus and benefits for communications, public
affairs and corporate affairs practitioners across Asia Pacific.

a significantly larger sample of participants from a greater cross
section of the industry than 2012 we are confident this year’s report
offers deeper insight into industry trends – penetrating new areas, and
with an increased focus on the middle ranks of the profession.

common with last year’s findings, we find average salaries are highest
in Australia, where higher cost of living and taxes mean the profession is earning an average of US$148,438 in comparison to US$131,131 in Hong Hong and US$127,522 in Singapore.

Throughout the region the average bonus received exceeded US$25,000, with Singapore narrowly beating Hong Kong in the bonus stakes.

When taking pay and bonus combined, practitioners are paid an average of US$141,131. Bonus payments had a significant impact on the earnings ratio between top earners and bottom earners for locations including Hong Kong, Singapore and South East Asia.

But bonuses had less impact in China and made little or no difference to the ratios in Australia and New Zealand. Once bonuses were taken into account the gap between earnings in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong narrowed to US$161,681, US$155,645 and US$153,327, respectively.

While the average salaries we report this year are lower than last year, the analysis suggests that the expanded sample base and a resulting drop in seniority, rather than any pay cuts, are the reasons for the change.

report, which contains details on salaries, bonuses and benefits, plus
analysis on trends between agency and in-house salaries, can be
downloaded here.

About the survey:

Responses were gathered via self-administered online questionnaires by email invitation during the period June 25, 2013 to September 4, 2013.

The sample frame comprised PublicAffairsAsia subscribers, Prospect clients and professional listings developed by PublicAffairsAsia from a wide array of countries in the region.

Mailings were made to over 6,000 individuals, of which 667 in total responded and 416 useable responses were analysed for the report.

The findings of the survey were first presented to a group of senior in-house and consultancy figures at a roundtable held in Singapore, which has informed the narrative of the report.

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