PAA and Bite Communications host high level Beijing debate

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PublicAffairsAsia and Bite Communications have hosted a high level forum
examining the modern communications environment in Mainland China.

Nearly 30 senior corporate communications executives met to discuss Bite Communications report “Many Voices – One Message Shaping Valuable Conversations in Fragmenting Channels” at the Capital Club, Beijing on Tuesday, August 30.

The roundtable examined the impact of increasingly complex communications channels on the public relations, public affairs and marketing functions within major multinationals.

Among companies and groups present were PepsiCo, Johnson and Johnson, Baidu, SWIFT, Double A and the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

This roundtable was the latest PublicAffairsAsia executive roundtable and brought a group of senior corporate communications leaders operating across a range of sectors in the People’s Republic of China.

Commenyting on ther event, David Ketchum, President of Bite Communications in Asia Pacific, said: “China has embraced and dealt with the changing dynamics caused by the fragmenting media landscape somewhat differently and faster than the rest of the world.”

Mark O’Brien, PublicAffairsAsia vice president, said: “Top-level practitioners from banking to pharma met to discuss the impact, social media is having on the changing communications environment facing the Asian business community.

“Communications success depends on retaining many traditional communications disciplines, combined with a new emphasis on customer engagement and content.  We were delighted to work with Bite Communications in hosting a lively and stimulating debate in this vital area.”

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