North Head wins Issues Management Gold Standard Award

The Gold Standard Award for Issues Management and Crisis Communications has been won by North Head a new Beijing based communications specialist.

The winning entry was based on North Head’s work on behalf of Siano a leading Israeli digital mobile and TV solutions provider.

Siano had been subjected to legal proceedings by a competitor, which also extended an anti-Siano campaign to the Chinese media. In late 2010 Siano counter-sued in the US for anti-competitive behaviour.

In early 2011 North Head was tasked to provide litigation communications and external counsel for the two law suits. Principally Siano wanted an outcome whereby it was free to continue business operations in China and North Head developed a strategy to achieve this.  

The company was prepared to reach an accommodation out of court. This allowed North Head to devise an integrated campaign directed at government, customers, trade associations and media which was based on three pillars: Support for the litigations; communications neutralizing the attacks of Company X, and positive reputation building of the Siano corporate brand.
In addition to extricating Siano from a damaging situation commercially, it created opportunities to advance the business in China. Siano and Company X agreed to resolve their disputes and dropped respective legal suits in China and the U.S.

The other shortlisted entries were Golden Agri – Resources, Indonesia’s largest palm oil producer for its successful re-positioning as an environmentally comitted company and eBay’s governemnt relatiuons team in Korea in dealing with a dispute with the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC).

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