New Twitter study published

Individuals who follow Fortune Global 100 companies on Twitter are more connected and more influential than the average Twitter user, according to research that analyzes the influence and demographics of people using the social media platform.

This study follows Burson-Marsteller’s Twiplomacy research, which analyzes the influence and reach of world leaders on Twitter.

The research, produced by Burson-Marsteller and StatSocial, a leading social media analytics platform and data provider formerly known as PeekAnalytics, found that those who follow the world’s large companies have on average 735 connections across all social media platforms compared to just 300 average connections for those who do not.

Followers of large global companies on Twitter are  more likely to be interested in automobiles, business, technology  and politics compared with average Twitter users.

In addition to increased social connections, followers of the Fortune Global 100 are 3,274 times more influential than average Twitter followers.

Follower influence, however  defined as how well connected the followers are across 60 social sites varies by industry.

According to the study, companies in the technology and automotive sectors have the most socially connected and influential followers. Their followers are approximately 1,300 times more influential than the average Twitter user. Conversely, followers of leading global healthcare and retail companies are just 43 and 329 times more influential than the average Twitter user.

Michael Bassik, Burson-Marsteller’s US digital practice chairman, said: “Having a presence on Twitter enables corporations to reach a broad online audience  To effectively attract more influential followers, marketers of all sizes can benefit from following the example of large global technology and automobile companies by focusing on compelling storytelling, responsive engagement and paid media amplification.”

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