New report says Linkedin is undervalued

LinkedIn is today the world’s largest professional social network, yet according to a new white paper most companies are not yet taking full advantage of the platform.

A new white paper by the MSL Group says it is a powerful B2B communications tool that is both deeply effective and significantly undervalued.

Often focused keenly on the acquisition of Facebook fans, many companies are currently failing to effectively interact with stakeholders present on LinkedIn.

An analysis of the world’s 10 most followed companies on LinkedIn1 reveals that while they may animate their space with status updates, only five of the ten are updating their corporate spaces with blog posts on a regular basis and only three have a proper community management strategy in place.

At the same time LinkedIn users are positively open to various types of updates.

Many corporate spaces that are currently relatively empty on LinkedIn have tens of thousands of subscribers, far more that the number of followers of the average corporate Twitter account.

Faced with this reality, LinkedIn is evolving a number of content-focused strategies, the recent launch of the new application LinkedIn Today or the acquisition of Slideshare being two examples.

The new MSLGROUP whitepaper ‘LinkedIn, a New Territory for Communications’ highlights the benefits that a company can reap from developing a structured ecosystem approach to the platform, backed up with a strong editorial strategy for the Companies and Groups discussion spaces.

In addition, the whitepaper discusses community management strategies on LinkedIn, essential for a company’s interactions with its target audience, including customers, potential clients, employees, opinion leaders and influencers.

In its whitepaper MSLGROUP offers four tips to take the full advantage of LinkedIn’s potential:
Companies must develop a strategy and an editorial policy to generate conversations and ensure they are of interest to their audiences.

  • In addition to purely commercial opportunities, LinkedIn provides a wide range of tools and solutions to reinforce a company’s presence and visibility on this social network.
  • Employees are the core of any LinkedIn community. They can act as ambassadors for your company’s brand and expertise.
  • In order to measure the impact of a company’s presence on LinkedIn, one should take into account new criteria in addition to the number of followers and the number of CVs received

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