New APCO checklist published for Chinese investors

The year 2017 will be filled with energy and uncertainty for Chinese entities looking to invest in the United States or acquire US corporations, according to a new assessment by APCO Worldwide.

While the focus of the APCO analysis is Chinese investment into the United States, cross-border issues and tensions around trade are also relevant to the overall climate.

In its new white paper, APCO Worldwide provides its global public affairs insight and offers specific recommendations for Chinese entities seeking to expand in the United States – which by many measures remains the top destination for investors.

According to the White Paper: “This is because of a number of factors, most notably the policies and rhetoric of the administration of President Donald J. Trump, who was elected based on a political campaign of economic nationalism and protectionist rhetoric.”

Prior to President Trump’s election, APCO’s research found that 75 percent of Chinese executives believe entering the US market is challenging.

Download the full white paper here.