Murck returns to APCO Worldwide

APCO has announced that Christian Murck and Freda Wang have joined the consultancy as senior counselors, founder and CEO Margery Kraus has announced.

Murck, who recently retired as the head of the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, rejoins APCO after his service to the Chamber. Wang is the Shanghai representative of the Asia Society and a member of a prominent think tank in China. Both will serve on APCO’s International Advisory Council (IAC), where they will provide counsel to APCO and its clients in China and around the world.

Murck rejoins APCO after having served at the firm for 10 years, first as its managing director for Greater China and later as its chief executive officer for Asia Pacific.

Previously he spent six years as the independent director at J.P. Morgan Chase (China) Co. Ltd in Beijing, and also served as president of AmCham China for three years where he was previously chairman of its Board of Governors.

Earlier, Murck served on the board of directors of the Bank of Shanghai after being nominated by the International Finance Corporation in 2003. Murck had been the managing director and senior country officer of the Chase Manhattan Bank in Beijing before joining APCO in his previous management position.

Wang has been with the Asia Society since 1995 and an International Council Member of the Society since 2000. Wang is also a council member of the China Reform Forum, a Beijing think tank dedicated to advancing cooperation and understanding between China and other countries, as well as the managing director of Shanghai Wisdom Communication Consulting Co. since 2005.

She was the founding chief corporate representative of Dow Jones & Company Inc. in Shanghai, where she was responsible for launching several major media projects in China, including the first syndicated business television show in China. This show was produced and distributed in cooperation with Shanghai TV and broadcast by local TV stations across China.
Kraus said: “Chris has been a valued colleague in the past and a leader of our efforts in the region. Being based in New York, he will be much more accessible to U.S. senior corporate leadership as well as Chinese business leaders seeking to expand their operations in the United States.  We are equally excited to have Freda join us in Shanghai to add to our ability to navigate the complexities of the Chinese market on the ground.  While she is new to APCO, she has a long and successful career in the market and a deep understanding of both public affairs and the Chinese media.”

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