Location Branding 2012: Singapore and Hong Kong Lead the Way Among Asia Pacific City Brands

Singapore and Hong Kong reign as the top two city brands in Asia Pacific, according to new findings published in “Location Branding 2012,” a report produced by leading regional public policy and corporate affairs network PublicAffairsAsia and Ogilvy Public Relations, Asia Pacific.

Chinese cities are included among the report’s top ten cities with Shanghai ranking sixth and Beijing in tenth place.

The report finds that:

• An overwhelming majority of respondents (88 per cent) believe that more needs to be done to develop the brand reputation of cities and countries in the Asia Pacific region.
• Location branding is significantly harder than branding a product,
according to 77 per cent of respondents, with 52 per cent saying it is much harder.
• The business operating environment (73 per cent), political stability (72 per cent) and the built environment (63 per cent) are the top three priorities for campaigns to attract business investment.
• The top priority to brand locations for tourism is promoting a place’s cultural offering, including food, the arts, heritage and leisure opportunities (61 per cent). Secondary priorities involve the natural environment (47 per cent), hotel leisure facilities (50 per cent) and transport (44 per cent).
• Word of mouth is seen as the most essential channel for brand positioning(59 per cent), followed by public relations (51 per cent), social media (40 per cent)
and advertising (30 per cent).
• Well-established regional markets round out the Top Four of the strongest Asia Pacific city brands – with Sydney (#3) and Tokyo (#4).
• Some cities still have a way to go to establish their reputation – Mumbai(#13), Delhi (#14), Jakarta (#15) and Manila (#16) round out the bottom of the city rankings.

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