Kreab Gavin Anderson announces global name change

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Global communications consultancy Kreab Gavin Anderson has announced an evolution of its brand and change of name to Kreab.

Kreab will continue to focus on providing strategic advice on issues of importance in corporate communication, financial communication and public affairs.

“Our company has continuously evolved over the past five decades, through changes in the economic and political environments, market conditions and technology developments. Our new name is another step on that journey,” said Jonathan Kushner, Head of Kreab Asia and Managing Partner Japan. “As strategic advisors in corporate and financial communications and public affairs, we are entirely focused on helping our clients achieve their business goals while adapting to a rapidly changing market”.

“Our value lies in our ability to anticipate the issues our clients and the market will face, our capacity to stay ahead of these challenges and our approach of partnering with our clients to provide a critical outside-in view, helping them solve complex communications challenges and maximise their opportunities,” said Kushner.

Since 2009 the company has operated globally under the name Kreab Gavin Anderson, with the name change to Kreab effective from 1st February 2015.

2015 marks the 45th anniversary of the Kreab consultancy. Since 1970, the company has grown from three employees in Sweden to 400 employees of 40 nationalities in 25 countries.

Kreab’s CEO, Charlotte Erkhammar, views the company’s long-term focus as a fundamental part in its success. “We have relationships that extend over several decades with many of our clients. Our strategy is to build one of the world’s leading communications consultancies.”

Peje Emilsson, Executive Chairman, the majority owner and founder of Kreab, predicts continued growth. “Globalisation will continue. Kreab will also continue its development as an increasingly global company. Our ambition is to always be the best advisor in every market. This gives us a unique international offering.”

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