Huntingdon joins global PR network

Huntington Communications has joined PROI Worldwide, the first global partnership of independent public relations firms founded 44 years ago in Europe.

Serving more than 4,400 clients around the world, the network pools together some of the top independent agencies located in over 60 countries including North America, South America, Europe, India, Middle East, Africa, China,Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

PROI Worldwide, which has a total billing of $US25million,is now headed by  Andreas Fischer-Appelt who chairs a grouping of agencies of the same name and is represented in six cities in Germany.

Lena Soh Ng, senior partner of Huntington Communications said: “The insights we have gained after attending the annual meeting held in mid-May have provided valuable inputs into the trends of the communications industry globally. The PROI grouping of independents headed by strong PR practitioners has been extremely successful in providing valuable strategic thinking to clients, whether it is in healthcare, public affairs, or consumer and financial PR.”

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