Hong Kong public relations body elects Mellalieu as chairman

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The Hong Kong Council of Public Relations Firms has re-elected Simeon Mellalieu as its chairman.

Mellalieu said the council will continue to build awareness within the industry of the value provided by public relations, in addition to both supporting and developing consistently high professional standards within the PR industry.

Mellalieu commented: “The demand for high quality public relations and strategic communications in Hong Kong will continue to increase as MNCs continue to invest in the region and as Asian companies expand globally. PR companies will be at the forefront to manage communications in a variety of cultural contexts and build a global profile for these brands.”

Talent development remains a priority for the council in the coming year and it will run its competition for PR students and young professionals, first launched in February 2011, once again. The competition attracted high quality entries in both categories, with the winners announced in May 2011.
“In 2011/12 the Council aims to build on the success of the inaugural PR competition by working closely with the universities to align the competition with their curriculum.

The competition allows us to connect directly with current university students, graduates and young professionals to raise awareness of public relations as a profession and build understanding of the requisite skills for success,” the council said.
Mellalieu added that the Council also aims to increase the number of activities undertaken that engage agency staff and client-side professionals alike.

A series of high profile industry leadership lunch meetings will be held to discuss views and share observations and trends. In addition, the Council will soon announce a new initiative to engage client stakeholders to foster a closer client-agency relationship by taking a leading role in areas where standards are still emerging.

He said: “By highlighting the role of PR agencies as the guardians of trusted relationships between brands and consumers, combined with taking a leading role in developing standards in areas such as social media, we believe these initiatives will contribute to the development the profession and its professionals in Hong Kong so the value which they provide can be recognised.”

The Council of Public Relations Firms of Hong Kong is dedicated to promoting the best practices among its members and stakeholders, with the Council serving as a forum for the Hong Kong public relations consultancy sector and currently has 26 members.

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