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The Winner: Manila Electric Company: Salba-bote – Protecting Our Customers’ Lives During Typhoons and Floods

The Philippines is one of the most typhoon-prone countries in the world. An average of 19-21 typhoons pass through the country each year and the most catastrophic in recent history,  typhoon Haiyan, hit in 2013. Some of these storms make landfall in the capital, Manila, and deadly floods are frequent.

Meralco, the country’s biggest power distribution company serving 5.9 million customers, has a franchise area covering metropolitan Manila and surrounding flood-prone cities. Protecting the lives of residents during typhoons and flood-related  disasters is a primary concern for Meralco. Given the gravity of the frequent floods, Meralco recognised that a routine information campaign on safety was not enough.

It therefore took on a mission to develop a safety device that was easy to make and distribute to its millions of customers. It came up with the salba-bote – meaning to save (salba), using bottles (bote) – an innovative take on the improvised flotation device used by Filipino fishermen for decades.

The salba-bote is both a piece of rescue gear and a survival kit, made up of empty soft drink bottles inside a plastic-coated mesh tote bag with a water­-resistant pocket for emergency supplies. It keeps the wearer afloat with four PET bottles and a net design that prevents water from accumulating and weighing down the bag. The salba-­bote also has linkable straps to help prevent families getting separated during floods and several can be used together to form rescue rafts.

The low-cost device is made of readily available materials and was designed to be easily copied.
Meralco and its partner agency DDB Philippines worked on design development, guided closely by rigorous testing by the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA).

For the initial production, Meralco partnered with Pepsi Cola Philippines for PET bottles and Glad for the emergency supplies holder. With their help, it was able to produce 15,000 units for  $129,000, just $8.61 per unit. The salba-bote was launched at the onset of the typhoon season in July 2015 on the site of one of the most disastrous floods in metropolitan Manila, by the riverbanks of Marikina, and the first batch was handed over to the PRC, the PCGA and Marikina local government.

The salba-bote is now widely used by local government units in their flood management operations and is already saving lives.

The Award was presented by Ruder Finn Chairman, Jean-Michel Dumont to Meralco’s Joe Zaldarriaga at the gala reception in Hong Kong on December 1

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