Global Alliance publishes key China PR study

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management has published a new study on the state of public relations in China, the 25th in its ongoing ’Landscapes’ series describing the way public relations is practiced in different countries and regions of the world.

The newly published study gives insights into the state of the public relations profession in China, adding to the profession’s global body of knowledge and to one of the Global Alliance’s services to the international professional community.

With the Chinese public relations industry growing overall at approximately 30 percent per year, coupled with the rapid development of a market economy, the opportunities for public relations practitioners are significant.

These detailed research reports have consistently found that professionals believe in universal public relations principles, adapted to national political, economic and cultural traditions.

Global Alliance Chairman, Daniel Tisch, said: “The ’Landscapes’ series, which reports on the state of public relations in countries around the world, has long been one of the Global Alliance’s most valuable services to our global community of communicators. As China attracts business and investment from around the globe, we expect the Global Alliance’s new China report to be one of the most popular Landscapes yet.”

Tisch expressed thanks to the authors of the report and to Dr. Juan-Carlos Molleda and his colleagues at the University of Florida for their leadership of the Global Alliance’s Landscapes project.

Readers can download the China Landscape and the other “Landscape” studies by clicking here

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