Essential Executive Communications and Media Skills – Bangkok, March 2018

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Essential Executive Communications and Media Skills

Date: March 21, 2018
Facilitator: Facilitator – Whitney Foard Small
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Led by Whitney Foard Small this acclaimed Advance unit engages practitioners on best practice approaches to executive media engagement, highlighting opportunities and pitfalls for you and your management, while developing awareness of integrated media strategies that deliver results.

Through an interactive workshop participants will:

– Be better informed about the implementation and application of communications and corporate affairs concepts and best practice models.

– Engage in discussion facilitated by a senior practitioner and enhanced by short video segments from those operating at the frontline.

– Learn from practical exercises and real life case studies developed as learning tools.

Course Breakdown:

Session 1: Working with Media in Today’s 24/7 Socially Charged New Environment (9.00am to 12.30pm)

Corporate public affairs and corporate affairs professionals are increasingly in direct contact with stakeholders including traditional, digital and social media. This intermediate module updates practitioners on best practice approaches to media engagement, highlighting opportunities and pitfalls, while developing awareness of integrated media strategies that deliver results, and develop lasting relationships with media contacts.

Know the Media:
Understanding who they are, what their job is, where they are, what they want from you – and why and when you should engage the media.  How to develop long-term relationships with different media types in both sophisticated, and less sophisticated media markets.

Selecting the Approach:
Understanding storytelling and how to develop and recognize when you have a newsworthy story, how to present and pitch it, and how to achieve maximum impact.

Understanding the Rules of the Road:
Understanding what off-the-record means in the digital world, examining the use of embargoes and pre-briefings, situational approaches to corrections, and developing and implementing the correct internal approval mechanisms.
Session 2: Preparing the Boss – The PA pro as Media Handler (1.45pm to 3.45pm)

While PA professionals will often themselves engage media directly, senior management are frequently thrust into the limelight – sometimes carefully timed, but occasionally at short notice. This interactive session examines best practice approaches for preparing management to engage in media and stakeholder communications.
Knowing strengths and weaknesses:  Understanding what skills, strengths and weaknesses to look for in senior corporate executive communicators, and how to play to their strengths and bypass the weaknesses.

Preparing to engage:  Examine how to train, pre-brief and rehearse senior management, from talking points to press conference. How to identify gifted corporate storytellers and use them effectively.

Effective de-briefing and feedback: How to develop tactful and impactful approaches to feedback and debriefing to build long-term effective communications techniques among management.

*note this session is not media training and is instead designed to empower CA professionals who will engage in coaching and training senior management.
Session 3: Integrating media relations and corporate affairs strategies – roles and responsibilities, playing to functional strengths and weaknesses (4.00pm – 5.00pm)

With the barriers falling between functional units, and media engagement becoming less defined, this short closing session will examine how to highlight institutional barriers that hamper effective media engagement and develop collaborative cultures to enhance external communications outcomes.

Which Approach Works: Examine traditional and new structural approaches to integrated communications and corporate affairs.

Removing the Walls: Highlight the merits of overcoming or removing silos and barriers.

Managing Change: Examine how CA  professionals, working in partnership with communications and other functions, can drive cultural change and develop effective leadership through a call-to-action for a shared vision.

Facilitator:  Whitney Foard Small

Whitney_SmallWith over 25 years of global experience, Whitney has a deep expertise in the Asian markets. A strong strategist equally at home on both the corporate and marketing communications side, she runs campaigns with attention to detail and deep discipline in integration, measurement and execution. In addition to leading regional roles with Ford Motor Company, Walt Disney and Burson-Marsteller, Whitney has strong experience as a trainer across the region, focusing on communication and marketing skills, including crisis and media training, marketing innovation skills and messaging measurement and analysis. Whitney has lectured at universities, including Chulalongkorn and Tsinghua, as well as speaking engagements with companies and conferences. An English and Mandarin speaker, Whitney is now improving her Thai. In her spare time, she publishes Beebliomedigital books for YA and teen readers.

Price Details:
US$1,050 for this one day course. Click here to book your participation.
This course can be combined with other modules taking place in Bangkok in March 2018 at a rate of US$1,800 for two modules or US$2,600 for three modules.

For group inquiries contact Orachon Tanaka, email:


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