Burton-Marsteller offers new service to bolster comms solutions for China start-ups

Burson-Marsteller has announced the launch of StepUp China, a new initiative led out of Beijing and in conjunction with Chinese agency Flyfinger that provides a suite of tailor-made integrated communications solutions for Chinese start-ups.

StepUp, first launched in India by Genesis Burson-Marsteller in 2014, provides two service models to help young companies hone their competitive edge through holistic communications: Custom Packages and Partnering for Growth ServiceCustom Packages target innovative start-ups needing a more mature branding and integrated marketing communications infrastructure, but also to address immediate needs based on their development status.

Custom Packages includes creating an innovative brand and building a leading brand image; market education and product promotion; new product launches and early stage promotion; acquisition and maintenance of early adopters; building industry impact for a B2B brand; and, small-sized company differentiation and marketing.

Partnering for Growth Service targets companies with a relatively mature branding and integrated marketing communications infrastructure with long-term service needs. This full-service offering includes brand positioning and continuous optimization; brand content structuring; product marketing; user acquisition; user interaction; media relations; and, public affairs and crisis management. Burson-Marsteller’s existing strengths and offerings will be integrated into StepUp’s offering, including China Going Global; global media and global communications; financial communications; and, others.

Entrepreneurship and innovation is a booming business in China and start-ups have very unique needs. Ruby Fu, CEO of Burson-Marsteller China shares, “StepUp is an innovative approach to client service and opens up a range of opportunities for new companies that need to build their brands but often lack the capacity of larger multinationals. StepUp China targets highly competent innovative start-ups already recognized by the capital market. We are pleased to have a dedicated team in China to partner with these clients, which represents our commitment to innovation and agile response to the fast-changing China market.”

Joe Peng, Head of StepUp China and lead digital strategist for Burson-Marsteller China, says, “Superb talent and significant resources are key to bringing StepUp China to life. Combining Burson-Marsteller’s considerable experience established over the past 30 years in China with a nimble and strategic partner like Flyfinger, will provide both parties with a seamless integrated offering to help innovative start-ups solve real business problems through a new organizational structure.”

As a fast-growing Chinese firm specializing in brand consulting, new media marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, and technology development, Flyfinger has rich experience and a unique creativity and technology development team. Burson-Marsteller and Flyfinger have already successfully collaborated on a range of projects.

Yonggang Hu, co-founder of Flyfinger, says: “Now is the best time for Flyfinger. This partnership we are launching with Burson-Marsteller will enable us to provide comprehensive services in this market. Start-ups have high expectations on correct approaches, speed and results; these are standards that we share.”

StepUp China aims to become a key driver of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in China by cooperating with top players in the value chain. StepUp China has already cooperated with Dream Server, the one-stop post-investment service agency founded by pioneering entrepreneur, Minhong Yu. StepUp China will also cooperate exclusively with an influential Chinese non-fiction writing platform “China30s” to provide high-quality content strategy as well as storytelling services.

“In this dynamic market, our vision is to grow with our clients in the long run,” states Peng. “Our heritage, scale, breadth, depth, and innovative services enable this to happen, and we are very excited.”