Bell Pottinger Asia becomes Klareco Communications

Worthington: Focussing on “business as usual” in Asia following name change

Bell Pottinger Asia has announced it has become Klareco Communications following an “extraordinary and difficult time” for the firm since scandal rocked its operations in the UK and South Africa.

Announcing what is a formal separation from its now defunct parent company, the Asian arm is “entirely ringfenced and solvent”, a statement from CEO Mark Worthington said. Worthington said Klareco, which means clarity in Esperanto, “underlines the diversity and inclusive values of this team, and our aspirations for the future”.

In an email distributed to the industry, Worthington said: “First and foremost, it is important to reiterate that our Asia staff and management had no involvement in the South Africa issue that has engulfed Bell Pottinger. We have always been separate, with our own fully intact management structure of Chairman, CEO and Singapore Managing Director. Under this leadership, Bell Pottinger Asia has always and will continue to operate according to the highest ethical standards.”

The scandal in South Africa led the local team in Asia to make the decision to break away and, said Worthington, it is “now free to formalise its complete separation from Bell Pottinger”.

“In the coming days, our team in Asia will be relaunching under a new ownership structure with a new name, and a renewed vigour and clarity of purpose.   This underlines what we have been reiterating over recent days – that our team in Asia, is and always has been, a separate legal entity from Bell Pottinger in the UK,”he added.

Klarenco says its teams “are intact” and that it will continue serve clients in a business as usual manner.  “The management and team are invigorated and excited about our future prospects, and remain completely focused on continuing to provide our clients with excellent support,” said Worthington.